Eterno Retorno

by Diana Gameros

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This work is a soulful retrospective of her journey as a musician and immigrant from Juarez, Mexico to San Francisco. The album was recorded at Hyde Street studios with several collaborators including Magik*Magik orchestra (Death Cab For Cutie, Zola Jesus). Gameros' music has been likened to Feist, Andrew Bird, and Joanna Newsom.

Gameros grew up with music in the house, singing traditional Mexican folk songs alongside her mother at family gatherings. These experiences infused her songwriting which speaks directly to the heart, sometimes joyfully in songs like "Para Papá" and other times wistfully as in the more plaintive "¿Cómo Hacer?" More than anything Eterno Retorno is the story of a songbird in a golden cage. Gameros lives in paradise but cannot forget where she came from. Through this album, she expresses this longing with an artistic maturity well earned from a journey through four years of music school and the grueling process of achieving United States citizenship.


released November 24, 2013

Ara Anderson: Trumpet on 2, 3, 6, 7, 9, 10.

Minna Choi: Orchestral arrangement and direction of Magik*Magik ensemble on 6 (Violins: Matthew Szemela, Stephanie Bibbo, Hrabba Atladottir. Violas: Evan Buttemer, Ivo Bokulić. Cello: Lucas Chen).

Thomas Edler: Upright Bass on 2, 4, 7, 8, 9 Electric bass on 6.

Aaron Kierbel: Drums on 2, 4, 6, 8, 9 Toys, typewriter on 8.

Andrew Maguire: Vibraphone on 2, 4, 5, 9 Drums, toys on 10 Field percussion, tambourine on 7.

Tim Marcus (Milkman): Electric guitar on 6.

Lux Pescovitz: Vocals on 10.

Rob Reich: Accordion on 8.

Rob Shelton: Rhodes on 3, 9, 11.

Zachariah Spellman: Tuba on 10.

Patrick Wolff: Clarinet on 2, 3, 4, 7, 9 Saxophone on 9 Horn/wind arrangements on 2, 3, 7, 9 Coins on 7.

Second Grade students from Cesar Chavez Elementary School in SF, CA: vocals on 10. Under the supervision of Mehgan Sierra: Jailynn, Guillermo, Makai, Daileyah, Erik A., Cecilia, Scarlett, Georgina, Blanca, Shirley, Diego, Erik G., Christopher, Giovanni, Edwin, Jaime, Erick V. This collaboration was made possible with the help of Violeta García, the Jamestown Community Center, Saul Anaya and Efraín Barrera.

David Delp, Nancie S. Martin, Raul Vargas, Ann Torres, Pedro Hernandez, Brian Fox, Thomas Edler, Jen Kulbeck, Hanna Quevedo, Nancy Chárraga, Kim Smith, Diana Velazquez, Victor Lin, Claudio Nalerio: vocals on 7.

Vocals, acoustic guitar and piano by Diana Gameros.

All music and lyrics by Diana Gameros except track 1, sound of the Chihuahua-Pacifico train, traditional music written and played by tarahumaras and tarahumara man speaking and track 8, lyrics taken from the poem “Montagne” by Claude de Burine.

Recorded and mixed by Scott McDowell ( at Hyde Street Studio C in San Francisco, CA. Produced by Diana Gameros and Scott McDowell. Mastered by John Greenham at Infrasonic Mastering Studios, Los Angeles, CA. Artwork by Max-o-Matic.

© 2013 Diana Gameros. All Rights Reserved.



all rights reserved


Diana Gameros San Francisco, California

"Her steady fingerpicking and elegantly simple melody create a calm within the storm, a safe place for big questions and long-ailing wounds that transcend any news cycle. Her voice has a remarkable expressive range. She's at once strong and breathy — in an instant, wounded and boldly searching." Benjamin Naddaff-Hafrey, NPR's All songs Considered ... more


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Track Name: Eternal
“We live with our families or build houses nearby. We don’t move far away where we have to use telephones to communicate like they do in the big cities”.
Track Name: Libre y Serena
vas caminando y no sabes qué hacer
vas caminando y no puedes ni ver
te ocultas del tiempo y llegas al mar
llegas muy lejos
vuelves a empezar
y preguntan porqué
quieres volver

a la arena caliente
a los pasos ligeros
a las fotos del baúl
a los ojos sinceros

al cálido viento
a la eterna mañana
al tiempo que te alcanza para dar y para más

vas recordando que el dinero no es todo
que el tiempo gastado en puro trabajo
no está bien invertido
que prefieres abrazos a un lindo vestido
y que el tiempo no vuelve
y por eso te vas

a la arena caliente...

a la casa rosada
al calor que faltaba
a la puerta color azul
a tu vida llenita de luz

y por eso te vas
sin avisar
libre y serena



you start walking and don’t know
what to do
you walk and you can’t see
you hide away from time and make it to the sea
you make it far
you start one more time
and they ask why do you want to go back

to the hot sand
to the light steps
to the photos in the treasure chest
to the sincere eyes

to the warm wind
to the eternal morning
to the time that lasts (to give and for more)

you start remembering
that money isn’t everything
that the time you spend just working
is not well spent
that you prefer embraces
to a lovely dress
and that time does not come back
time does not come back
time does not come back

and so you go

to the hot sand...

to the pink house
to the much needed warmth
to the blue door
to your life full of light

and so you go
free and serene
Track Name: I Begin
i begin to realize
i begin to find the way out
i begin to move my feet and walk
along the path that is new to my eyes

because the sun is bright
the day won’t die
until i sleep at night

i begin to see the truth
i begin to see
i have nothing to loose
to win my sight

as the dirt comes off my eyes
i begin to see the road
the life ahead of my old life

because the sun is bright...

and there are more surprises along the way
there are more chances to kill the pain

because the sun is bright
the day won’t die
until i sleep
until i sleep
Track Name: Para Papá
en mi caminar busco una salida
un color que pinta y brilla mi verdad

con mis pies en el cemento
siento el ligero peso de mi cuerpo
y las piedras de mi cuello se van

vientos lejanos
caminos cercanos
ríos que me alejan de tí
devuélveme el cielo
regrésame al suelo
llévame a la tierra donde nací
llévame a la tierra donde te conocí

en la soledad veo vestiditos
a los cuerpos
infinito caminar

con los brazos en el cielo alcanzo
el reloj que está a lo lejos falto
de que yo lo entienda y vea su faz, su paz

vientos lejanos...

cuando llegue a tu lado
y veas que el tiempo ha pasado sobre mí
quiero estar junto a ti
quiero quedarme aquí
quiero tenerte cerca de mí

espera a que el viento sople en otra dirección
espera a que las hojas caigan solas, solitas
la cara se te pinte bonita



on my path i look for a way out
a color that paints and brightens my truth

with my feet on the cement
i feel my body’s light weight
and the stones on my neck fall off

distant winds
near paths
rivers that keep me away from you
give me back the sky
bring me back to the ground
take me to the land were i was born
take me back to the land where i met you

in solitude i see the bodies
dressed up
an infinite walk

with my arms in the sky i reach the distant clock
that lacks understanding and someone
to see his face, his peace

distant winds...

i’ll come to you
and you see, time has passed through me
i want to stay near you
i want to stay here
i want to have you near me

wait until the wind blows in a different direction
wait until the leaves fall off, by themselves
your face will paint itself, beautifully
Track Name: ¿Cómo Hacer?
¿cómo hacer que la vida perdure
(que nada ni nadie escasee)?
si nadie es eterno
nada nuestro

¿cómo hacer que el que camina vuele?
¿cómo hacer que las fronteras se evaporen?
y caminar sin prisa al hogar
sin miedo llegar

¿cómo hacer que mi tierra me perdone?
¿cómo hacer para que su jardín ya vuelva a florecer?
y hacerle saber que lejos duele
decirle también que vivo por volver a verle



how can we make life last?
(so nothing and no one is scarce)
if no one is eternal
nothing ours

how can we make the walker fly?
how can we make the borders dissolve?
so he can walk

how can i make my land forgive me?
how can we make her garden flourish again,
and let her know as well that
far hurts
i live to see her again
Track Name: En Juárez
el aire tiene olor
a que alguien murió

prende la vela hijita
no llegues tarde estelita
que la noche te alcanza
y no te vuelvo a ver

van ya más de veinte veces
que el ave se espanta
el alma no aguanta
de ver pasar los rostros sin vida
no mires mi niña
es por tu bien
mira que es por tu bien!

deja mejor que te cuente
del día en que era todo verde
corrías y no, no buscaba
no hacía falta saber donde estabas

deja mejor te cuento de los sueños eternos
del aire que cruza los cercos
de éste amor que ahora te ofrezco
mi niña, verás que la vida va bien

el aire tiene olor a que alguien murió
cierra la puerta hijito
no quiero escuchar el rito
de los tiros que danzan
y te hacen caer
ay! que te hacen caer

deja mejor que te cuente...

mis niños, verán que la vida va bien



the air smells
like someone died

light up the candle my child
don’t be late estelita
the night will reach you
and i won’t see you again

more than twenty times
the bird has been frightened
the soul can’t bear
the passage of the lifeless
don’t look my child,
for your own good

let me tell you instead
about the day when everything
was green
you ran and i didn’t seek
i didn’t need to know where you were

let me tell you a story
of eternal dreams,
of air that crosses over the fences,
of this love that i offer
my child, life will go well, you’ll see

the air smells
like someone died
close the door my child
i don’t want to hear the rite
of the shotguns that dance
and make you fall

let me tell you instead...

my children, life will go well, life will go well
Track Name: Ligerita
una hoja en blanco es lo que necesito
donde la ansiedad y la apatía se oculten
donde la ansiedad
y la impaciencia se refugien

aliviando mis pesares va la hoja de papel
conviertiéndose en aliada
de los asuntos del ayer

ligerita quiero ser
así de blanca como una hoja de papel

oh oh oh ....

una hoja en blanco es lo que yo te pido
donde la soledad y el corazón se junten
donde la soledad y la conciencia se dibujen

aliviando mis pesares...

y que escriba sobre mí la vida
que en mi cuerpo marque su alegría, su placer
blanca he de ser, blanca he de ser
pa’ que escriba en mi la vida

oh oh oh


a blank sheet of paper is what i need
where anxiety and apathy can hide
where anxiety
and impatience can take refuge

alleviating my sorrow goes the sheet of paper
becoming an ally of the matters of the past

i want to be light and
white as a blank sheet of paper

a blank sheet of paper
is what i ask from you
where loneliness and heart come together
where loneliness and consciousness can be drawn

alleviating my sorrow...

write on me
trace on my body your happiness
your joy
I shall be white, I shall be blank
so you can write on me
Track Name: Peut-être
qu’en se mettant
en face
en face su soleil
dans la merveille du sang
traverser la nuit
pourrons-nous écrire
les mots les plus simples
comme quelqu’un
qui met ses sandales
pour aller dans l’herbe
-Claude de Burine


by turning ourselves
face to face with the sun
by the magic of blood
could we
cross the night
could we write
the simplest words
like someone
who puts on
sandals to walk in the grass
-Claude de Burine
Track Name: SB 1070
ese que me llevas
ese que me alejas
ese que no dejas respirar
ese que mareas
ese que me desesperas
ese que me avientas a ningún lugar

viento de la vida dime ¿qué es normal?
viento de la vida ¿dónde puedo acobijar mis miedos?
viento de la vida ¿cuánto hay que esperar?
viento de la vida ¿cómo desentumecer mis dedos,
estos dos brazos que tengo yo para pelear (aunque no quiero)?

¿dónde esconderme? ¿a dónde ir?
¿porqué habré de escaparme así sin más?
sin antes avisarle al mundo que no es por ser cobarde
no es por falta de razón que me quiera yo escapar
de éste vendaval que aleja y no me deja respirar

viento de la vida dime...

ese dueles
ese asustas
ese ese eruptas
ese escucha: no quiero esconderme más de tí

ya no existe
el miedo escapa
y en las manos
al final de este camino
cada paso ha valido


"S", you take me
"S", you further me
"S", you don’t let anyone breathe
"S" you make me feel dizzy (confuse me)
exasperate me
"S" you throw me nowhere

wind of life tell me what is normal
wind of life ¿where can my fears be sheltered?
wind of life ¿how long do i wait?
wind of life ¿how do i loosen up my fingers and these two arms i have to fight (even when i refuse to)?

where to hide? where to go?
why should i run away? just like that?
without announcing the world that it is not because i’m a coward
it is not because i’m mad that i want to escape
this gale that drifts me apart and won’t let me breath

wind of life tell me...

"S" you hurt
"S" you frighten
"S" you erupt
"S" you listen to me: i no longer want to hide from you

it vanishes
fear escapes
hands of abundance
at the end of this path
it all has served its purpose
Track Name: Enough (The Sun is so Bright)
the day looks so dark
you cannot seem to find
the colors all around
our hearts are tired
we never seem to have enough
we want to be someone else

the sun is so bright
there is enough for both of us
there is enough for all of us
the sun is so bright

the sun is so bright
there is enough for both of us
there is love for all of us
the sun is so bright

a shiny day uncovers all that is fake
it puts a smile upon your face
and every now and then the light bulb brakes
but the sun is always there

the sun is so bright ...

it illuminates every path
long and short
your and mine
the sun’s love is color blind
so here it is
receive the light
it’s coming down

the sky is filled with clouds
the rain is coming down
don’t worry all is fine
the sun went for a walk
but soon he will be back and i’ll say

the sun is so bright...
Track Name: Return (Quiero)
ansiedad: quiero gritar y llorar
en la calle dejar unas penas
que se queden las penas
no las necesito más

ansiedad: quiero gritar y llorar
para seguir buscando
una nueva verdad
una nada que vale
lo que para el marinero el mar

una nada me llena y ella es felicidad
de seguir contemplando
el camino amarillo
el camino que piso
al tiempo le pido
no te vayas tiempo
quédate conmigo

ansiedad: quiero gritar y llorar
en los muros dejar el dolor
que se vaya el dolor
el corazón no aguanta más

ansiedad: quiero gritar y volar
y las penas se van con el viento
se fueron al viento
se fueron muy lejos
y ya no las siento más



anxiety: i want to shout and cry
leave the sorrow on the street
let the sorrow stay there
i don’t need it

anxiety: i want to shout and cry
and keep seeking
a new truth
a nothingness that is worth
what the sea is worth to the sailor

nothingness fills me up and she is happiness
to keep contemplating
the yellow path
the path i walk
time, i ask you
please remain
stay near

anxiety: i want to shout and cry
leave the despair on the walls
despair stay away
the heart can’t bear

anxiety: i want to shout and fly
and the sorrow goes away, with the wind
it goes with the wind
it goes far
and I don't feel it anymore